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Discover the world with your own eyes... that's our program. We plan trips off the beaten tourist path, feel like an explorer. Our worldwide network of over 2,500 independent travel agents is the basis for endless contacts. Our goal is to make dreams come true, or just to organize a stress-free vacation by doing everything for you. From hotel, transfer, personal tour guide in your language, driver, and tour companion, we take care of everything you want. Wherever we want to go – we accept the challenge.

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Roberto Frei

Manager and partner of TraveluxGo Ltd
Traveling has always fascinated me. What started as a teenager with Interrail trips all over Europe increased with motorbikes and cars. No trip was too long for me, whether it was a weekend or a holiday, I was always on the go.
I have always organized my trips myself and decided where to go and what I like to see. Combined with my love of diving, things went from strength to strength. The advantage of speaking several languages has helped me enormously to encounter locals.
Over the years, an enormous network has been built up, which forms the basis of TraveluxGo. The contacts are available all over the world. If I have no contact at all somewhere, I know who I can ask. We are part of a network of international travel agents with over 2,400 agents, which makes it easy to work on this solid basis. We spend an average of 3-4 months every year checking the quality of our providers, finding new destinations, and developing great offerings.
TraveluxGo has a strong team that actively supports me. Petra, Linda and Diana introduce themselves as team.
Whether individual, group or tour, just ask us - I am convinced we can offer you something that stands out from the crowd.


Welcome to TraveluxGo and Scubatours- Dive The World.
My name is Petra Frei. After 5 years at an international travel service provider, where I handled admin, reservations and customer care, Corona also meant a change for me. So I joined my husband's company and am now responsible for the entire administration; everything from reservations, payments and customer service goes through my hands.
At the same time, I also dedicate myself to our travel blog and fill the photo gallery with my underwater pictures. It's a lot of fun to combine your hobby with your job, discover countries and plan trips. We've always traveled a lot and it's easy for us to discover and sign something new somewhere. We know most of our providers personally and maintain these contacts very carefully, so we can be sure that our customers are in good hands.


Welcome to TraveluxGo,
My name is Linda and I am a native of Luxembourg. I'm living since one year in Portugal, in the beautiful Algarve. Together with my partner and our dog, we now live in this country that we fell in love with. For over 3 years I traveled through fascinating regions of Southeast Asia. This wasn't just an adventure, this trip changed my perspective on life, the helpfulness of the people living in Asia is incredible, where else can you find this. The landscapes and many beautiful wonders of nature are also intoxicating.
What started as an adventure has now become a calling.
I would be happy to show you the most beautiful places in the world that deserve a visit.
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Welcome to TraveluxGo My name is Diana Bühler. I am 35 years old and live with my family in the beautiful Dominican Republic. Born and raised in Switzerland, my Dominican mother made sure that I grew up multilingual, which means I am fluent in Spanish and German.
As a mother of 3 children, I had to give up my job as a lawyer. In search of flexible working hours, I found a way to make people happy with TraveluxGo by sending them to the most beautiful places in the world.
My goal is to send you on the vacation that I would book for myself.
This is how wishes come true.